Yahoo! Influencer Kickoff Party

Is Yahoo! old-fashioned? Is Yahoo! is not anymore your homepage?

The answer is “Yes or No.”
I may say the influence of Yahoo as a leading portal is not very influential at least Korea.

Some may describe Yahoo as a sinking ship. However, Yahoo still carries a lot of clout in the world market especially in North America and East Asia. Yahoo has over 350 million users of its services and solutions. This makes it a very powerful marketing company, with a very well-known brand. I am the one who believes Yahoo has a significant value around the world. Today, Yahoo make a great effort to re-brand its identity. Yahoo started to building a large arc, I trust building ark does.

Y! Korea recently recruited a group of undergraduate students who want to be an online marketer called ‘Yahoo! influencer’. As for me, I am a big social network junkie, crave media, www. So, there was no reason why I won’t be a Yahoo’s Influencer. Yahoo’s program seems informative and very entertaining. I applied for the Visual Ad Creator section. I have been chosen to be a member of Yahoo! Influencer. Yahoo!A kickoff party was held at the Yahoo! Korea on Friday 11th May, 2012. The building makes a good showing located Samsung-dong, placing it close to business and entertainment. Purple interior design spaces!

The marketing manager of Yahoo! introduced a Influencer program. The main slogan for this program is “Be a Leader, not a follower.” Yahoo’s Influencer should be trendy, fun, have an eye to understand user’s perspectives and reach to many people and work as a communicator. Followings are main activities of Yahoo! Influencer Program.

– Missions by group in each month
– Enneagram by Y!HR
– Special Lectures
– Direct Mentoring by Y! Specialists

The main activities focused on Korean Wave which Yahoo Korea wants to lead. Yahoo! Influencer will be a lot of fun. I am sure this programs learn me to become an asian leader not a follower.
Hanging out with young influencers who are interested in digital, social, and web!

CEO of Enswers America Sherman give his speech on Soompi

One the day, two guest speakers held a lecture for students attending. Taeyoung Kim, main producer of Get it Beauty and Sherman Li, CEO of Soompi. Both played a leading role in the media. Nowadays, it has become the ultimate source of latest news about the specific area. Get it Beauty is a program which expands vertical market of cosmetic industry and affects directly to the target. Soompi played an important role to globalize the Korean wave with the latest news and contents. Both lecturer say that Influence on growth and sales in certain industries not acquired easily. Quite so.

This time, I spent a brief time with my mentor and team. I am looking forward to next event. At the end of the party, I did an unprepared video interview to say a few words on being a Yahoo! Influencer. I say hello in English, Chinese, Thai with some general statements. I don’t know how to speak those languages but only greetings. I tried myself to show my ambition. Hope the video is okay.

Yahoo wants to get some new ideas and realize viral marketing with various programs by running Yahoo Influencer Program. I think Yahoo is now ready to rebuild though it was a short period of time, I could feel open-minded. It is time to revive Yahoo!

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